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I wish you the best of luck on your ride.  I am originally from Kearney, Nebraska and now live in Kansas.  (I am still a Cornhusker! J  )  I rode on the Border Raiders Ride (www.borderraiders.com) in June.  We left Lawrence, KS and went up to Fall City, NE and Syracuse, NE.  I wanted to give you a “heads up” that that area along the borders of NE, KS and MO is very hilly!  I wish I were able to ride the whole ride with you!

Best of Luck!

Gail Kline

Assistant to Humanities, Social and Behavioral Science

Cloud County Community College

Hi Patricia,
    I have the copy of the article for you - how amazing you are! I cannot
 believe you are 71! What an inspiration you are to all of us as we get
   When you spoke Tuesday night, I didn't know what you were talking about.
 But now, after reading the article, I remember hearing about you before. I
 also like your motto of an angel riding on your handlebars!
   We will be praying for your safety as you ride and meet others across
 our nation.
   Thank you for being so welcoming to me in Prime Time - did I tell you my
 mom and dad played trombone and that is how they met at UCLA in the 30's,
 in band!
  Heather McBride
 who also thanks her angels!


Congratulations on your plans.  I have two grandson’s living in Wahoo, Jack and Will Mortensen, ages 3 and 1 respectively who will benefit from your fund raiser.  I am also 71 and ride quite a bit, mostly trails and club rides in Omaha.

Best wishes and I will check out your donation page.

Ronald A. Mortensen

Omaha NE

Dear Patricia:

 I read about your trip to Atlantic City in the Adventure Cycling "Bike
 Bits".  You go, Girl!

 Actually, I wish I had known about you a month ago, as I cycled through,
 and stayed in, Wahoo on the 8-9th August on my way home from Alaska.  It
 would have been fun to meet a fellow geriatric long-distance cycle tourist
 (I am 66 going on 67) and compare notes!  My trip was just over 5,000
 miles and lasted 4 months: I rode solo and made up my route as I went
 along.  I attach a map.

 On Sunday the 9th August I attended church at the Lutheran Church in
 Malmo, because my wife is Swedish and comes from Lund, a small university
 town close to Malmo, Sweden.

 I really liked Wahoo, and Malmo, as well as the countryside around those

 Be very careful if your route takes you through Iowa, as there are few
 shoulders on the roads in that state.

 Good luck with your ride to Atlantic City, and with your competition

 John Berry

 John Berry Associates
 Geology & Remote Sensing
 5000 Beverly Hills Dr.
AUSTIN, TX 78731

Hi Patricia - I was reading the Adventure Cycling News Bit newsletter
and it mentions your upcoming bike ride from Nebraska to Atlantic City,
NJ, to raise funds for musical education - that's great!  I'm sure
you're excited about the bike trip.  I see you've gone cross-country
previously also. :)  I went cross-country about 10 years ago, to
celebrate turning 40. :)  It was a great adventure. :)

I'm an avid cyclist, biking 32 miles a day to and from work.  I live
near Mt. Vernon in Alexandria, VA, and work in D.C.  It looks like your
route will be coming through this area - I'd like to meet up with you
and/or ride part of the way, if it works out. :)

I go on bike vacation every year to somewhere new - in fact, I'm leaving
tomorrow evening for a week-long bike trip along the Danube River in
Germany. :)  At the end of July, I biked across New York State (from
Buffalo to Albany).  As you know, biking is a great way to see sights
along the way, and meet people. :)

Drop me a line back if you'd like, and perhaps we can meet up on your
ride.  I'll be sending you a check to donate towards your bike trip and
hope others will contribute as well, as they hear about you! :)

Take care,
Charmaine Ruppolt

Dear Patricia:
Just met Gabriel at a meeting and he told me about you and your ride.  I was an avid rider up until a bad accident five years ago but still ride -- just not the distances I used to.  Had I known about your ride earlier I would have asked to join you.  I'm curious about how many miles you do a day -- perhaps I could still come for part of it.  Does it require a certain amount of money to participate?
Gabriel's description of you thrilled me and I look forward to meeting you.  It is so encouraging to find a woman your age doing so much -- that is my goal -- to not stop participating in the things I love just because I am getting older.  You look beautiful and sound so accomplished -- I wish you the best of luck in Atlantic City.  I just semi-retired (in fact right now I am not working at all) so could leave at a moment's notice.  However, if it doesn't work out for this year I hope to be able to join you for a ride someday.
Again, best wishes.  And you know as they say behind every great woman there is a great man -- and certainly Gabriel is just that.


Dottye and I are 57/58 year olds who are avid cyclists. We live in Tampa, Florida. Dottye was a trained as a classical pianist. When she was younger, use to perform at the Eastern Music Festival, at Guilford College in Greensboro, N.C. We are strong believers in music education in public schools. We will be sending you a contribution to your scholarship fund.

You are an inspirational to all, especially to us seniors, who believe that one can accomplish anything you set your mind to.

We wish you good luck, much enjoyment, and most of all, a safe trip.

We will be following your progress through Adventure Cyclings Bike Bits.


Bob & Dottye

Hi Patricia,
We read the article in yesterday's paper about your new cycling event, and wanted to wish you all the best of luck! Hopefully this time you won't have any car problems!
Best regards,
Jolinda & Patrizio
Good luck on all your endeavors!  I loved hearing La Malaguena.  It is one of my favorite songs, and I understand it is one of the most difficult to play/sing!  I have a good feeling about all of this!

 Marcela Sandoval

Patricia - congrats on your upcoming bicycle journey!  I will not be in attendance at this year's Nationals, although I would LOVE to be there.  Expenses far exceed my budget!
Keep in touch!
Mary Richard
Ms. Senior Nevada 2006


Pam Kariaji

Dear Patricia, Delighted to hear from you. There was a lovely write-up in the news-press with picture. I have it on my picture BB, that hangs near my computer. My thoughts/prayers will be with you as you travel to Atlantic City. (Gabriel too)
I've had a busy summer. After the Writer's Conf. I had a two day from a Swede that I had never met but we've emailed for near 4 years. Went splendidly. I then packed to drive north to Walnut Creek to my granddaughter's wedding...it was quite an event. Then my daughter and husband took me to Lake Tahoe for a week. This was during the time we had the fire locally. But air quality was poor in Tahoe too. I had to stay indoors a lot. The Kids too me back to my son's home and I drove back to S. B.  I have one class this fall...poetry Adult Ed
classes started this week. Keep me posted a little as you travel although I know your super occupied with your agenda. I LOVE YOU dear person. Helen Frelund

Get some rest!  This is great and you have done a fantastic job pulling it all together.

Love to both of you!


Hi Pat (and Gabriel),

What wonderful coverage you had in the Midland’s section of the Sunday Omaha World Herald !!!

God bless you on your journey and watch over your health and safety. (NO incidents or accidents)

I wish you the very best at the contest, too. You look great in Nebraska red.

Sheri Wilberding

Asst. Director of Alumni Relations
Midland Lutheran College


Thank you for the pictures. We will follow your trip intently. We wish we were riding with you. God’s speed.

Bob &  Dottye

You go Patricia you are fantastic!!! Hi to Gabriel too I am writing you from Italy San Giovanni Rotundo, the shrine of Padre Pio -- having a great time with group of 27 people -- tomorrow on to Sorrento - God Bless and be careful and have fun !! Love in Christ, Fr Vaughn

AWESOME!!!!   What a bright and generous SPIRIT!

Love, Paula

So wonderful!   We support Patricia and Gabe 100000%!

Valerie Rodriguez and family

Dear Patricia. Great gobs of good luck.  To Gabriel: the Sheryl contact by phone prayer gave humor, joy and excitement to our morning meeting.  Before you get to someplace like Jefferson City contact a local office and get ye to a meeting.  If Tony is not too tired take him to a meeting too!   Our whole meeting is with you and Patricia on the ride of the century. Love, Gardiner.

Stay strong, stay steady, stay spiritual and look for the Pot of Gold at the end of the rainbow.
Hugs, Marilyn, (Ms. Sr. California pageant Director)

Hello beautiful, it’s your queen mum in Santa Barbara.  We all are so proud of you.

Stay safe and we need to have you back talking to the group in January.  My house is opened up to you always.

Stay safe and make sure you take good care of Gabe.

Love,  JoAnn (and Dennis too)


Hi Patricia,  Am thinking of you everyday, and cheering you on!!!  So fun to read about your progress!!  Great job!!
Patty Bringuel
(from "The Band")
Dear Patricia,
It was such a pleasure spending a few days with you and your co-horts! You and Gabe are both so gracious and outgoing, it was fun watching you make friends at seemingly every stop along the route.
Thanks for the chance to ride a bike alongside you. I only rode 15 miles or so and my tush HURT by the end. Yet that is only a fraction of what you did for the day, not to mention you have been doing it everday for over a week - amazing!
Tony (the Cycling Chef/Turtle Whisperer) was right when he said, "That woman doesn't have any quit in her!"
I have no doubt you will roll into Atlantic City with all 1400 miles, what you really need good luck with is keeping Gabe and Tony in line!

I received information from Pinky O'Neil about your amazing journey to compete in the Ms. Sr. America Pageant and raising funds for scholarships for your High School. You are truly an inspiration to me and to others. She said you would be coming through my area tomorrow and was wondering what time you may be coming through Christiansburg, VA?  I was first runner-up in the MS SR Virginia pageant this year and would love to meet you but my schedule tomorrow is very busy so may not be able to work something out.  I have to work tomorrow as well as attend a festival our church is involved with and my class reunion that I am in charge of is also tomorrow early evening. Let me know of your schedule and I will see if anything will work.  Again, you are truly an inspiration
Diane Yopp
Hi Sis:  We think about you every day and keep checking on you to see just where you are.  Keep safe and stay well.  We are looking forward to your reaching Atlantic City.  Know you will!     Love, Dana and Bill
My husband and I want to contribute to the music scholarship at Wahoo High School that Patricia is riding for.  I, too, am a graduate of Wahoo High School--Dana Jean Eliason, Class of 1941.  In fact, Patricia and I are sisters.  We are following her ride via the computer and phone.

Bill and Dana Noyes

The Santa Barbara Belles with a Mission Red Hat Society

To Our Bicycling Queen Sister,

We’re riding (lightly) on your handlebars and rooting for you every mile of the way to Atlantic City.  Our red hats are waving you on to be Ms. Senior America 2008.  Go Patricia!

Brigid Makari

You go girl and get the crown!

 Dr. A. Gardiner Lowell

Amazing work for health and fitness.  Our country needs so much in this age of childhood obesity.  In addition, Patricia Starr is herself a concert level musician so what could be more natural than her effort for a music scholarship!

Terry & Yvonne Peddley

We love you Patricia…you are awesome!

Dick & Phyllis Nielsen

We’ll look for you as we cycle the KATY trail.  Our very best wishes are with you every turn of the wheel.

Willie & Betty Knuth

Dear Patricia, I’m thinking of you on the eve of your trip and hope it goes very well for you.  Will be praying for you to have a safe trip.  Why don’t you come see us sometimes when you are in Nebraska.  Call us! 

Al Reichel Jr.

Gabe & Patricia are long time personal friends.  She’s worth a million a mile, but alas, I haven’t hit the jackpot yet.  I pray for her safety and goal of being Ms. Senior USA 2008.  Go-Girl-Go!

Kathleen Blake

You shine as usual.  Have fun on a great ride.  Miss you too!

Mariel Hawel

Hello Patricia, Happy pedaling! Steer clear of tornadoes, hurricanes, earthquakes and too much sun.  Good luck!  We’ll follow you via computer.  Best wishes to you and your whole entourage!

Merrilyn Damitz

Way to go Patricia! You’re an example for all of us!

Cousin Ed & Karyl

You go girl! 


We met Patricia and were so impressed with her venture.  She is an inspiration not only to senior women, but to all women.  What energy she and her crew have.  We wish her the best in her journey to Atlanta and meeting her goal to raise money for the Wahoo High School Music Department.  Bike on Patricia!

Bear Cove Enterprizes, LLP

Cheers, best wishes and than you for helping the Wahoo High musicians.

Wilma Wallin Sagers

Karen & Richard Pendergrass

Our whole neighborhood in Santa Barbara is so proud of you.  You are such an inspiration Patricia!  Glad to help in your cause.

Patricia and Gabriel are pure inspiration! Love you both!

Paula Swornay


Dear Ms. Senior California 2006, Keep those wheels turning for Wahoo!Marilyn Kohler


Thanks to Patricia for her efforts to promote music education at Wahoo High school.   Kathleen Vrana

Go Patricia!  We are rooting for you from Santa Barbara!

Harold & Barbara Mishkin


 You go girl!!! We are thrilled for you. You are our inspiration. Good luck
 in your pageant.

 "Be the best you can be"

 Dottye will play one of her favorite pieces, on the piano, in honor of
 your accomplishments.

 We will give praise on your safe journey. Let us know how you do in the


Bob & Dottye Schneck

Patricia we are praying for a safe trip and we  hope you will be Ms Senior America.  We passed your book to Winnie and Betty and they will read it and pass it on.  It is wonderful you have Gabriel to support you.  We will miss you when you return to Wahoo as we will be in Texas. We have enjoyed reading about your adventures every day. You are blessed with many special talents.

 Good luck and God Bless.

Robe and Donna Eliason



Oh, aren't you gonna be doing this bike trip every year for the next 10
 years?! ha ha ha

 Patricia, you already ARE MS America, Ms Universe, Ms Fabulous...I
 couldn't have made that bike ride at 21 or any age!!!  You are a timeless
 beauty for ALL the AGES!!!

 Best of luck for your continued success in all you do!! Love Candace

Bravo Patricia!!! I never had any doubt you'd make it with bells on  your
 fingers and rings on your toes. I am keeping my fingers crossed  for you
 to win Ms. Sr. America.
 You are such a beautiful woman and so strong, even if you don't get
 crowned, you are still a Queen.
 Good Luck, best wishes,
 Derin G.

Hi Gabe and Patricia,
You have been steadily in our thoughts, hope things go well in Atlantic City. You're a queen ---- even if they don't judge you so! !!!  We are away for 3 weeks now.
Happy hunting with the contest!
Ross and Murray. 

Amazing! You go girl! You've got my vote. I wonder if you can go down Guniess Book of Records!
Love to you both

Phyllis Lovit




I bet no one else “biked” to the contest. Enjoy a well-deserved break!

Your proud cousins, Ed and Karyl

Hearing about all your adventures and seeing all the pictures really makes me proud of you and your accomplishments.  I hope we get a chance to see you before you head back to CA.

Sheri Wilberding

Midland Lutheran College

Wow, what exciting news – I am so thrilled for Patricia…she should be very proud of her accomplishments! I bet you both are exhausted. Won’t it be wonderful to return to the comfort of your cozy home in Wahoo?!  When you get settled, if you plan to be in Fremont anytime over the next few weeks, please allow us to treat you to lunch so we can celebrate. I’ll wait to hear from you.

Thanks and again, congrats!


Hi Gabe  :
Thank you for Pat´s beautifull pictures. I wish her luck
and you please keep going :
Saludos y besos
(from Gabriels Aunti in Mexico City)

What a good job you are doing Patricia!   Such a wonderful spirit!

Patty Bringuel

          Way to go…Thank you!    Mocha K’s

Dear Patricia, Congratulations on a job well done!!!  Cheers!Ardes Oakeson Zakovec (second cousin)

In honor of my dear friends Patricia & Gabriel.  What a fantastic woman and friend…God Bless you!  Ole Olausson

What a wonderful inspiration you are to all our “elegant” ladies!  My prayers go with you for a safe journey!

Love, Fannie Curro, Ms. Sr. Santa Clara 2008

p.s.  We had a marvelous production in Westminster for the state pageant…everyone came out a winner!

Patricia Eliason Starr was a sorority sister at Nebraska Wesleyan University in the late fifties.  I feel very privileged that I played in the trombone section of the band with Patricia.  I can still hear her Warsaw Concerto on the piano with the band accompaniment.  I can also still hear her organ music that she played at my wedding in 1958~fifty years ago July 20, 1958.

Wahoo Public Schools music department has to feel very fortunate to have a supporter such as Pat, Gabriel & Tony.  Many school districts need this kind of support from the public.

Sincerely, Rod & Sandra Sindt


Been following you day to day via computer.  Congratulations on making it to your destination—how exciting!  Wishing you lots of luck in the pagent.  Know you will go far.  See you when you get back to Wahoo.

Love, Harold & Joyce (fellow WHS Classmate)

From a former Wahoo resident

Patricia, Congratulations and good luck!

Pinkey O’Neil

          Love Ya Patricia!


Lee & Dica Chipperfield

Congratulations on such success!


Don Jessup

What a Gal!  I admire what you do for the field of music.  But please stop poking me with your trombone slide during PTB practice!!!

Patricia, I wrote a check for your great cause on September 19th, but I'm just now getting it sent from many miles from home.  I have really enjoyed following your tedious but thrilling experiences on wheels and on the stage.  I'm always telling friends and relatives to check out your website, that they will not believe this talented lady is my age, and that I graduated from high school with her.  I want to buy your book when it comes off the press.  I appreciate and admire you.  Love to you and Gabriel!

Marlis Grubaugh

Great Job! You're an amazing person.  Keep up the good work.  Your so full of energy and spirit.

Real Estate Unlimited, Tim Shanahan

This beautiful woman is awesome!

Elias Garcia

Dear Patricia, Not only are you an amazingly sweet person but your an amazing aspiration to all of us.  "You Go Girl!"
Love, Julie Whitton

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