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Patricia In Branson




Governor Of  Nebraska
Proclaims September 19th as

City Of Wahoo Proclamation

Latest News Headlines

Patricia featured on the cover of
"Not Born Yesterday"
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Lincoln Journal Star article
dated Nov. 23rd 2008(click photo to read)
Wahoo native passionate about biking, music, pageants, education.

BY JOANIE CRADICK For the Lincoln Journal Star

 She made it!
 Patricia Eliason Starr arrived in Atlantic City on Monday. Her 1,400-mile journey by bicycle began in Wahoo on Sept. 19.


Shown above is Patricia arriving with motorcycle escort on boardwalk.

Posing with the police escort officers

And Finally, a time to relax, reflect and enjoy the view.


And Now...The Pageant Begins

Commencement Parade For Ms. Sr. America Pageant
or, as the French would say, "Laisse Le Bon Temps Roulette"
(Let The Good Times Roll)

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Patricia Finishes In Top Five At Pageant

I am so honored to that I was selected as one of the five finalists in the Ms. Sr. America Pageant on Friday, September 24th at Harrah's in Atlantic City, NJ.  As "Ms. Nebraska" was called out and I stepped forward from the row of ten finalists, my heart was beating so fast I thought it was going to jump out of my RED gown that I had selected to identify with our "Big Red" image. That was my goal--to bring recognition to Nebraska and Wahoo in particular.

 Five of us were selected; however, there were 39 other women on that stage that were just as deserving. The group assembled for the entire week consisted of teachers, realtors, doctors and psychologists  to name a few. The talents included singers, tap dancers, a baton twirler, comedians, pianists, artists, a house designer and builder, an instructor showing how to make stained glass  and the list goes on and on. We put on a fabulous show for the packed theatre. No one would know the ages ranged from 60 to 83 and no one cared--the entertainment was outstanding and had the audience laughing and crying and enjoying every moment. The camaraderie of the contestants was electric as we all were seasoned professionals in life and in our abilities to not only share our talents, but we were a group of women that had all been involved in giving to their communities and families in every way possible.
When it was my turn to entertain, I stepped out on the stage in my RED velvet gown, walked over to the seven foot grand that had a dozen RED roses in a crystal vase sitting on top for a "touch of class" and played my Chopin Polonaise. It was my chance to show my talents that had first been nurtured at Wahoo High School and I "brought the house down" as they say. The audience started clapping before I was even finished and the comments flew everywhere--"I had goose bumps all over my body" and even a few men said it was so beautiful," it made them cry.". I can still hear the thunderous applause ringing in my ears. 
Thank you Wahoo High School...
Patricia's description of the final day of the week-long pageant is only a segment of her "journey of a lifetime."

The scholarship fund continues. The bicycle ride to raise the importance of music education across the country was a huge success. As she pedaled for twenty five straight days, she was able to speak to people everywhere. 

 It was difficult for anyone to not be curious about a bicyclist with a tiara taped on her helmet and the star-decorated van with signs that was always on the road somewhere. Contributions to Wahoo High have come in from many states.
The weather was gorgeous with only one afternoon of rain; the hills in Missouri, Kentucky and West Virginia almost wiped her out but she slowly conquered them all. The big scare was fear of losing her life as a garbage truck racing by her down a steep hill almost catapulted her into a ravine. She says she still has nightmares about that episode, but the angel she always wears on her shoulder enabled her to hang on to her foot of space on the white line as the truck rushed by. The biggest challenge every day was finding a place to ride. Bicycles are prohibited on the freeways where there are beautiful, wide shoulders. Instead, you must ride on two lane roads with the white line on the side and many times, nothing beyond that white line. You are also sharing the road with every other vehicle and truck on the road. She persevered and pedaled into Atlantic City with the promised 1,400 miles under her belt!
The police escort from Ocean City through three other towns before  approaching Atlantic City will be remembered forever. Four motorcycle police led Tony and Patricia, and also Gabriel and Johanne Santori who joined for the last few miles, down the entire length of the boardwalk with their lights flashing and sirens screeching as needed. Somehow, all the trials and tribulations of the twenty-five days on the road disappeared.
The final accolade in Atlantic City was being interviewed by Pinky Kravitz, the unofficial mayor of Atlantic City on a half-hour live TV show on broadcast on Saturday night, the 26th.  Patricia had called in live every day on the road to Pinky's radio show. The TV show included segments about her upbringing in Wahoo, the bicycle ride and scholarship, and the pageant. Pinky had "taken her under his wing" and she is eternally grateful to that wonderful man for his daily promotion of Wahoo and the scholarship fund.
Patricia and Gabriel will present the first $500 to a vocal student and $500 to an instrumental student in May of 2009. Their dream to ensure the first ten years of the scholarship can happen with the support now of local friends and businesses. to complete the $10,000 goal.



What She Did...

Former Wahoo cheerleader and musician, 71 year old Beauty Queen Patricia Eliason Starr, Ms. Senior Nebraska, has pedaled  1,400 miles From: Wahoo Nebraska   To: Atlantic City New Jersey
to raise public awareness of the value of music education and to raise funds for a music scholarship for the Wahoo Public High School and to compete in the Ms. Senior America Pageant.
She is being hosted by Harrah's Hotel & Casino and is also sponsored by Free Spirit Vacations & Entertainment.

Wahoo Public High Students '08

Route Map


Patricia goes down "Wahoo" water slide after renewing wedding vows with Gabriel. (advance to 2:00 minutes to skip introduction)

The light show at 6 flags Over Missouri filmed by Gabriel

Patricia performing Warsaw Concerto with Prime Time Band 


News video courtesy of NBC affiliate in Atlantic City  NJ


Video News video courtesy of


News video courtesy of ABC affiliate WSIL-TV
in southern Illinois

Patricia Performing At Pageant

The Soothing Magic Of Music


 Patricia at age 68 at a
Ms. Sr. California Pageant.

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Proclamation by Mayor Of
Atlantic City New Jersey
(click image to enlarge)

Reprint courtesy of  Atlantic City Weekly from: PINKY'S CORNER

A ???Starr??? Bikes to Atlantic City NJ

by Pinky Kravitz

The Ms. Senior America Pageant will be held at Harrah???s Resort Atlantic City the week of Oct. 19-25 (

This pageant is for women who have reached the ???Age of Elegance,??? 60 years of age. In this pageant, women are judged on their philosophy of life, talent, demeanor in an evening gown and interview with the judges.  READ MORE


WAHOO - Patricia Eliason Starr is on a journey of a lifetime, and she started that journey in Wahoo. "Everything I learned, I learned here in Wahoo and I won't forget that," she said.

Reprinted courtesy of The DOWNBEACH CURRENT

Reprinted courtesy of the Omaha World Hearld

'Bicycle queen' set to take Atlantic City

WAHOO, Neb. ??? With hundreds of teenagers clapping and smiling, the self-proclaimed "bicycle queen" in running shorts, tennis shoes and a silver crown banged out a few boogie-woogie medleys on the piano.

A few minutes later, Ms. Senior Nebraska, Patricia Eliason Starr, stood up to a rousing ovation in the high school auditorium here. READ MORE




Richard Helfant presents Ms. Senior Nebraska Patricia Eliason Starr with a Lucy the Elephant souvenir as she arrives in the area Monday after bicycling 1,400 miles from her home in Wahoo, Neb., as a fundraiser for her local high school's music program. Read More

Reprinted with courtesy of

Staff photo by Michael Ein


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